Mens Two Singles 2018

Saturday 30th June at Weobley BC - Start time 10 a.m.

Dress code : Greys with club/county shirt

Note this competition will played right through including the final.

Any player withdrawing will be still charged green fees

Players entered:-

1.       R. Bell.                   Aston Ingham.
2.       C. Walters.            Bodenham.
3.       S. Jones.               Ross-On-Wye.
4.       D. Palmer.             Ross-On-Wye.
5.       G. Williams.           Ross-On-Wye.
6.       P. Middleton.         Ross-On-Wye.
7.       J.Miller.                 St Martins.
8.       D. Magness.          Ross-On-Wye.
9.       J. Watkins.            Ross-On-Wye
10.     H. Watkins.           Ross-On-Wye.
11.     M. Holmes.           Ledbury.
12.     T. Holmes.             Ledbury.
13.     D. Holmes.            Ledbury.
14.     M. Atkins.              Ledbury. - Withdrawn

15.     D. Hall.                  Bodenham.

16.     B. Loveridge.         Eastnor.
17.     G. Scarbrough.      Ross-On-Wye.
18.     M. Earlher.            Bulmers.
19.     R. Perry.                St Martins
20.     J. Woakes              Aston Ingham.







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