Mens Two Singles 2017

Saturday 1st July.

Green.  Leominster BC. Dress code : Greys with club/county shirt
 Timings on the day will be approximately (subject to change if any withdrawals):

11.45 am Register

11.55 am Draw to take place. 

                 Non-Attendees will still be required to pay green fees.

12.00 pm    Prelim – Top Five matches   Markers 2 byes + 3 (2 pm players)

1.00 pm    Prelim -  Next Five matches Markers 5 losers 12.05

2.00 pm    Prelim - Four matches Markers 4 losers 1pm

3.00 pm     1st Round Top Four Matches Markers losers 2 pm

4.00 pm     1st Round – Bottom four matches Markers losers 3pm

5.00 pm     Quarter Final Markers losers 4 pm

6.00 pm     Semi-Final Markers two losers 5 pm

All times approximate. Losers, if required, to mark a game.

Final Saturday/Sunday 15/16th  July, 2017 Hereford B.C. 

Players entered:-

1.  R. Atkins.             Ledbury.
2.  M. Atkins.             Ledbury.
3.  R. Black.              St Martins
4.  P. Brown.             Ross on Wye
5.  A Edwards.          Brimfield 
6. M. Ehrler.              Bulmers
7.  D. Holmes.          Ledbury
8.  M. Holmes.          Ledbury
9.  T.  Holmes.          Ledbury
10. S. Jones.            Ledbury
11. D. Kirk.                Ross on Wye
12. R. Loveridge.     Eastnor
13. D. Magness.      Ross on Wye
14 P. Middleton.        Ledbury
15. J. Miller.              St Martins
16. D. Mills.               Aston Ingham
17. P. Rainthorpe.     Ross on Wye
18. D. Palmer.           Ross on Wye
19. P. Pritchard.        Kington
20. D Roberts.          Kington
21. G. Scarborough  Ross on Wye
22. M. Simon.            Weobley
23. M. Smith.             Ross on Wye
24. A Tandler.            Brimfield
25. C. Walters.         Bodenham
26. H. Watkins.         Ross on Wye
27. J Watkins            Ross on Wye
28. A Welch.              Ledbury
29. G. Williams.         Ross on Wye
30. J. Woakes.          Aston Ingham

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