BDA Level One coaching course is being held at Manor Park IBC, Malvern from 17th June to 29th July.

Booking can be made through the site.

Fixture:Middleton Cup, Herefordshire v Somerset    

 Venue St Martins BC          Date:02/06/18                      Time of Match: 2-00 pm

 Selected Team:-

   Phil Middleton Mike Ricketts Paul Rainthorpe

  Paul Brown                                Russell Jones Clive Handscombe

   Dan Palmer                               Glyn Lloyd                            Phil Holland

   Shaun Jones                            Phil Williams                        Dave Lambert 

   Bob Loveridge                          Glyn Williams                      Colin Walters

   Joe Scamp                                 John Wear                           Alec Tandler

   Mike Holmes                             David Magness                    Tom Holmes

   Ryan Atkins                               Barry Payne                         Martin Griffiths

Reserves from : Malcolm Ehrler, Keith Price, Henry Watkins, John  Woakes

Martin Smith (Ross-On-Wye) becomes National Indoor Over 60 Champion while representing Malvern IBC.

18/4/2018 Please note the following parking arrangements with Tesco at Hereford Bowling Club have been arranged for the 2018 season

TESCO  have kindly allocated 5 spaces for the forthcoming season.  On arrival at the club you must give your registration number to the Captain at HEREFORD BC, registering your car direct with Tesco's will be invalid and you will be fined. Any car after the 5 limit will be asked to move to another car park.
This arrangement operates from Hereford BC and not Tesco's, please can the Captains organise shared transport. 

Alternative parking is available at:-

Wall street - HR4 9HP    Horse and Groom PH, Eign StreetDebenhams - Old MarketMultistorey - Widemarsh StreetMiltary Club, 

Friars StreetRichmond Club, Edgar Street

St.Michael's Bowling Club are no longer affiliated to Bowls Herefordshire


  • Herefordshire Ladies at Leamington 2017.pdf


    • Four wood Singles - Tracey Powell beat Amy Richards  21 - 11,  
    • Two wood Singles - Tracey Powell beat Vicki Buick 17 - 4,   
    • Junior Singles - Amy Richards beat Kate Williams 21 - 16,  
    • Pairs - Linda Smith & Tracey Powell beat Sandra Pritchard & Fran Hargest 23 - 12,  
    • Triples - Helen Skinner, Eileen Powell & Jennie Cole beat Sue Dix, Marcia Gwynne & Jenny Murray  22 - 9,  
    • Rinks - Sue Dix, Joan Baker, Marcia Gwynne & Jenny Murray  beat Karen Tandler, Marian Wheatley, Barbara Griffiths & Jennie Cole  24 - 15,  
    • Senior Rinks - Karen Tandler, Marian Wheatley, Barbara Griffiths & Jennie Cole beat Margaret Booth, Irene Healey, Sandra Pritchard & Fran Hargest  30 - 6.

    Bowls Herefordshire Mixed Executive Matches 2018 

    Day             Date                     Match                             Venue                  Rks             Time            Dress

     Thursday       13th Sept           Gloucestershire                Cam                    6 Mx            2.00            Whites GL11 5PP



    Please note that all coaches in Herefordshire will be BDA trained and will appear on a National register of recognised coaches.

    Page available - watch for updates

    Herefordshire Club News

    Presidents Matches 2018   

    Day            Date           Opponents          Rinks   Time     Dress 

    Thursday       7th June         Brimfield                   6             6-30          W
    Monday        11th June        Castle  Green           4T           6-15.         G
    Monday        18th June        Aston  Ingham          5T           6-00          G
    Monday        25th June        Kingsland                  6             6-15         W
    Thursday     28th June         Ledbury                    6             6.30         W
    Monday        2nd  July          Eardisland                4             6-30          G
    Monday        9th July            Bodenham                4             6-30          G
    Thursday     12th July          St.Martins                  6             6-30          G
    Monday       23rd July          Hereford                    5             6-30          G

    Friday          27th July           Leominster               6T           6-15          G
    Friday          3rd August       Presidents Celebration @ Weobley BC
                                                                                     6            2-00 pm     W
    Monday       10th Sept         Weobley                    6            2-00 pm.  W
    Saturday     22nd Sept         Eastnor                     6            2-00 pm   W

    Green Survey result – 2018

                  (‘2017’ position in brackets)

    1    Weobley (1) 

    2= Ross-On-Wye (3=)
    2= St.Martins (2)

    4= Kingsland (3=)
    4= Ledbury (5)
    6    Eastnor (7)

    7   Kington (9)
    8   Brimfield (8)
    9    Leominster (6)

    10  Hereford (11)

    11 Bulmers (10)
    12 Wellington (14)
    13 Castle Green (12)
    14=Aston Ingham (16)
    14=Bodenham (15)
    16=Bromyard (13)
    16=Eardisland (17)


    Definition of a member that should be paying affiliation fees to the County and Bowls England

    1.     Affiliation Fees, Subscriptions and Competitions Entry Fees

    All playing members of Clubs are required to be affiliated to both Bowls England and their respective County.

    The Bowls England membership year starts on 1st October when Clubs are required to register their membership with their County. Registration of new members should continue throughout the season. 

    Regulation 9 which deals with discipline has been passed by the Counties at the AGM. EVERY Club needs to amend their constitution to say the club will be using BOWLS ENGLAND regulation 9. 


    Men's Section Meetings 2018(all at Hereford BC)

    Tuesday 24th July, 2018 (7.15 p.m.)

    Ladies Section Council Meetings 2018 (all 10.30am) 

    Bowls Herefordshire Meetings 2018





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